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Redemptive Fellowship


Redemptive Fellowship IAG was founded by Rev Raven Nair, at his home on the 06 May 1989 with 3 families and with 15 members with 6 adults and 9 children. There were no schools in Hillgrove at the time. In 1990 in the church moved into a classroom at Paul Sykes School in Earlsfield in Newlands West. In May 1990, the first tent crusade in Hillgrove was hosted by Pst Raven from the 1st to 8th May, 1000 seater tent. All Speakers were from IBC/IAG Graduates. Redemptive members celebrated their first year Anniversary service at the tent crusade. In 1992 we moved to Hillgrove Primary School and our members grew to +- 80. In 1994 we moved to Hillgrove Secondary School and in 1997 we moved to our church building without a roof and facility. In 1994 we hosted a Gospel Concert and seated +- 800 people to raise funds for our Church Building initiative, the concert was successful.

 In 1996 we held our first Crusade at the church property and a ground breaking ceremony took place with us having the presence of Late Rev. Douglas Mathonsie, the crusade was successful in spite of persecution from the adjoining neighbours both Christian and Hindus. In 1998 we had our church roofed without glazing and electricity and ablutions. We continued our service like that for all the time till in 2000 December 24 for the first time we had temporary lights and had our Millennium Service at Midnight for the Christmas and New Years Watch night celebration. Meals were served in these conditions. In 2001 our church was fully habitable with few small finishes to be carried out, however we still have our 2nd phase to commence shortly.

Today we have  membership approximately 80 people including children. Most of our people relocated to new suburbs and in the process lost membership. We have 5 lay preachers, 1 licensed minister, ordained minister and 1 appointed youth pastor who is attending our GST Bible School. We have 3 worship leaders Claudette Nair David, Stantin David  (both husband and wife team in worship and youth leadership and co-ordinators), Christiana Crystal Nair. Fully fledged band with professional musicians and singers and recording artists.

The church is fully operational, self supportive and with various ministry; eg.; WM, MM, YM, CM, Prayer Meetings, Cell Meetings, Prayer Intercessions, Soup Kitchens and TB Dots and HIV/AIDS Programme and counseling sessions. Our senior Pst is also a Author of the book "Kingdom Life Expression"and Itenary Speaker.

We have a satellite church in Westrich, Newlands West, Pastored by Chantal Nair membership of +- 30 people  10 adults and 20 childreen. This is a house church at no 826 Amen Street in Westrich.

Redemptive Fellowship stands on a hill at 270 degrees of sight seeing, located on the corners of Steelcastle Avenue and Newlands West Drive, in a cross cultural suburb with lingual diversity. The size of the actual site is 2141 square meters and the overall area is in a 45 degrees  circle span. The site can be converted into a 45 degree semi-dome that can house at least 2000 people. The stand is so  central only 10 minutes away from the Blue Lagoon, that is; 10 km from the coastline and 25 km from southern suburb Chatsworth and 17 km from the northern suburb Phoenix. This is the land that our Church IAG is in possession off. Only a visionary can see the potential that IAG KZN can project a future of developments that will host our continuous ministry facility. The site is a key position for a satellite antennae and multi media ministry platform for international ministry programme. Should a  Semi Dome Superstructure Edifice be erected then a undercover parking facility for 150 cars can be housed. (future project)

Future plans of the church,  additional 300 square meters of roofed area including profile stage for live performance, double volume balcony, board room, offices  for admin. staff, class rooms for a fully fledged Bible Senior Pastor Raven NairSchool, male and female ablutions, reception area, recording studio for both satellite and audio ministry, parking area for occupants and visitors, library, recreational room, large kitchen, dining hall, in vestry, mothers room, guest room in house accommodation for Pastorates and Foreign and National Guests  and Residential Pastors Manses.

Next Phase will commence early 2012 with initial double storey multi-purpose facility for IAG District and Church work load. An average estimate R750 000.00 (projected only)


Senior Pastor Rev. R. Nair
Assistant Senior Pastor Rev. C. Nair
Elders Daniel David; Sagren Naidoo; Bashnie Moodley; Miriam Zikode
Treasury Daniel David
Women's Leader Chantal Nair
Men's Leader Daniel David
Children Ministry Leader Claudette Nair David
Youth Ministry Leader Stantin and Claudette David
Deacons Cathy Moodley, Sindhie David, Sheila Naidoo, Thamie Myeni and Vernon Naidoo
Interpreters Mondli Zikode, Lungani Made  and Pelican Celo Mnyeni
Drama Team Zama Mnyeni, Pumi Mnyeni, Thamie Mnyeni, Mackela Moodley, Junie Gumede
Chefs Sheila Naidoo, Chantal Nair, Bashnie, Sindhie David, Crystalene Candice Nair and Pastor (all serve Redemptive Fellowship church at no cost)
Garden Services Sagren Naidoo, Logan Moodley, Veron Naidoo and Pst Raven
Nair (serve the church at no cost)
Helpers Daniel David, Sheila, Miriam, Aunty Mummy and the rest of the youth.
Decor Team Daniel David, Tyron, Pelican, Terry, Crystalene, Christina, Miriam, Sindhie, Chantal, Chris and
Worship Team: Leader Claudette Nair David
Back up Singers Stantin, Christina
Drums Crystalene Candice Nair
Electric Guitar Christopher Emmanuel Nair
Semi Acoustic Guitar Tyron Riley David
Keyboard Pelican Celo Mnyeni
O H P Operator Tereisha Moodley
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