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Stephen John Bailey1. Pastors Stephen John & Rhona Bailey
97 Cycas Road, Bluff , Durban, 4052

PASTOR BAILEY IS A Leader among Leaders

He used in the Area of teaching, counseling and mentoring also an annointed Psalmist. His church is situated in the heart of Wentworth, a community well known for Gangsterism and violence. God has given Him favour and made room for Powerhouse Ministries to grow and flourish. The church is well known for its Powerful Worship Team, Jesus Christ Warrior Creative worship dancers, its focus on Family and Mens Ministry and Leadership Development. The church is a place were young and old are valued and given opportunities to learn grow and develop in their calling, gifts and talents.





Within the community of Wentworth PHM is actively in CBCO (Communities Building Credible Ownership). This NPO is interdenominational and is in the frontline of social organizing in many surrounding previously disadvantaged areas. Pastor Bailey served as a board member for 9 years and has sent His leaders on leadership training in Community organizing with CBCO. The church has been active in many community projects involving issues such as closing down illegal clubs, shebeens; safety within schools, community clean-up’s and drug raids in the community. It is the vision of the church to improve the quality of life practically within the area of Wentworth and to interact in the social arena as a Powerful force led by the Spirit as we are the Salt of the world.





After many years in existence the IAG obtained the property situated at 97 Cycas Road.  It took some time before this property was fully paid off, due to limited financial resources during the 90’s.  It was during this time that the plans were drawn by Pastor Ronald Foster and approved in 1999.

The steel structure was erected in the year 2000 by a mission team from Oklahoma led by Pastor Steve Evans. The provision of this structure was in itself a miracle since it was to go to Zimbabwe. Due to political unrest, it was diverted to Wentworth Durban. It was a 5 year wait before Powerhouse Ministries was ready to start the building early in 2006., in the meantime the earthworks where undertaken by Bro.  Henry Mc Alistair and the preparations were done by the late Bro Adam Cloete.

It was with excitement that during February 2006 the foundations of the building where dug by the brethren of Powerhouse Ministries. Brother Fred Bailey was instrumental in laying the foundations and bringing the building up to floor level. IT WAS TRULY AN HISTORIC EVENT FOR POWEROUSE MINISTRIES.

An appeal was then made to the congregation for funds to continue the building. We were blessed when 12 families each gave R5000 to continue the building project. It was this sacrificial giving that brought the vision to life. Pastor Gavin Samuels of The Austerville Baptist Church then supervised the project and the building was raised from floor level to roof height. He did this in a spirit of excellence.

By early 2007 Pastor Payne then erected the roof shortly after Easter. By this time the project gained great momentum and God was moving in a way that was beyond us as a church (Eph 3:20).
The next step was to install the windows and doors. The Lord then moved on the hearts of the people with individual members purchasing windows and doors.

While that was being undertaken brother Quinton Andrews formally from Powerhouse Ministries and presently in Australia flew down and spent a month with us to do all the plumbing. The Lord also provided us with an electrician in the person of Eldo Van Wyk from Kokstad with the installation of plugs and lighting. This was then followed by the installation of the lights and water.

Brother Fred from Australia stepped in once again for the laying of the floor tiles and Jan Geel (Capricorn Kitchens) fitted the kitchen cupboards simultaneously. There where many others that might not be mentioned here that played a major role in the erection of the building. Each member of Powerhouse, you know who YOU ARE! God has blessed and multiplied the work of your hands.

It is with great joy that we realized that from the foundations being laid in March 2006 the building was completed in just 2 years time. We give thanks to God for this miracle which has resulted in our faith being raised to levels we never expected.

God has proven to us that:


There are many other church building projects in KZN that are still in progress God is enlarging our territory. Many churches have been planted and established during the arise project. All the buildings erected are a testimony of God’s providence and faithfulness they stand for His Glory and as a constant reminder that there is work to be done for us all. We have been called to serve and that the Gospel be preached and the lives of everyone be changed forever.

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